Winter Athletics Update

The College began a phased return to athletic competition on Saturday, Jan. 23, after the College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin (CCIW) approved a conference-only competitive schedule for the winter sports season.

The sports of men’s and women’s basketball, women’s bowling, men’s and women’s swimming and men’s wrestling are eligible to begin competition on Jan. 23, while competitions in men’s and women’s indoor track and field may begin Jan. 30. Though not governed by the CCIW, North Central’s women’s wrestling team is eligible to begin its season the weekend of Jan. 23 as well.

The start of the men’s volleyball season has been pushed back to accommodate the above schedule. North Central’s season will begin Feb. 3 at Aurora University. The CCIW has not determined if any other spring sports will need their start dates adjusted at this time.

All contests for men’s and women’s basketball and men’s volleyball will be broadcast live by Naperville Community Television (NCTV) and the College’s radio station, 89.1-FM WONC. All video broadcasts will be available for live and on-demand viewing on North Central’s online video portal, Cardinals All-Access, at

In accordance with CCIW and North Central College policy, spectators will not be permitted at athletic events for the time being. A separate announcement will be made if this policy is changed.

Spring Athletics Update

The CCIW also recently released spring competition schedules for the sports of football, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball, which will take place in March and April. Click HERE for more information.

Visit for more information as it becomes available. Questions can be directed to the College’s athletics department by at or 630-637-5500.

Campus Events & Meetings

The following guidelines are in place for all in-person meetings, events, and activities occurring on campus until further notice.

Requirements for Event Attendees

  • All attendees must:
    • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending an activity.
      • Should symptoms be present, individuals should not attend the activity, and should follow-up with the appropriate medical precautions.
    • Wear a face covering, and practice regular hand washing and physical distancing.
    • Check in with event planners/organizers to ensure attendance is recorded.
    • Use marked entry and exit points.

Location & Space Reservation

  • Activities should be held in whole, or in part, using electronic collaboration tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom) as much as possible. For any activities occurring in-person, the event planner/manager must follow these steps to request space:
  • Activities cannot exceed established building hours
  • Use of classroom spaces (including non-traditional classrooms being used for in-person classes) are restricted to College academic purposes; such as in-person classes, admission or orientation events, etc.
  • Singing/vocal performance activities are not currently permitted on campus.
  • The Dixon property and Smith House are currently off-line.
  • Spaces available to request for in-person events:
    • *Capacities listed on the College’s online calendar do not reflect the current physically distanced capacity; all event organizers much abide by the capacities listed in the chart below.
Campus Location Capacity*
Student Lounge, WAC 200 16
Lower Level, Boilerhouse Cafe 16
Community Gathering Room, Keikhofer Hall 7
Koten Chapel, Kiekhofer Hall 18 (main chapel); 10 (balcony)
Jefferson Lounge, Seager Hall 26
Pfeiffer Auditorium 50
Res-Rec Arena 50
Gregory Arena, Merner Fieldhouse 50
Nichols Gym, Merner Fieldhouse 35

Event Capacity & Attendance

  • For indoor and outdoor venues, event attendance shall not exceed 50 people, 50% regular capacity, or the posted capacity that accommodates a social distancing provision of 6-feet-per-person (whichever is fewer).
  • Attendance collection is required at ALL events; everyone at the event is to be accounted for (staff, workers, volunteers, attendees, etc.) and included in capacity.
  • If there are concerns about capacity limits and/or crowds and the event planner/manager is having trouble limiting guests, call Campus Safety for assistance.
  • Student organizations/student groups are required to use Presence for attendance collection.
  • Campus departments must collect name, email address, phone number and NCC affiliation with attendance.
    • Event planner/manager is responsible for keeping attendance records for a minimum of 3 weeks in the event they are needed for contact tracing purposes.
  • When possible, a pre-registration or RSVP process should be utilized.


  • For events with 11-50 participants it is required to have the organization advisor, a professional staff member, or a faculty member, in attendance as the supervisor of the event.
    • This is encouraged but not required for events with 10 or fewer participants.
    • Student organizations/student groups: If an advisor or professional staff member cannot be present, event planner/manager must reach out to the Office of Student Involvement at least 3 business days prior to the event to arrange for alternatives.

Event Management

  • Event planner/managers (or supervisor) will ensure all requirements are met, or will immediately end the activity.
  • If an activity is found in non-compliance of policies, the event will be suspended immediately.
    • Student Organizations/Student Groups hosting activities found in non-compliance risk of having their funding, and/or status as an approved student organization suspended.
  • Food and beverage service at activities is discouraged.
  • If food and/or beverage is essential, only prepackaged individual servings are permitted, and must be taken to-go and consumed elsewhere.
  • No buffet style or served meals are permitted.
  • Outdoor Events: Should inclement weather enter the area, the scheduled event is to be canceled.
    • Due to limited indoor space availability, rain locations are not available at this time.
    • Download the document below for more details about the College’s outdoor event guidelines.
Outdoor Event Guidelines


Event Planners/Managers acknowledge that if found responsible for egregious violations of the #TogetherNC pledge, repeated non-compliance of North Central College’s health and safety expectations, or hosting unsafe gatherings, they will be held accountable. Students will be accountable per the Student Handbook. Faculty/Staff hosting an event not found in compliance will be accountable per the Employee Personnel Policy Guide.

Fine & Performing Arts Events

All remaining in-person 2020-2021 season presented and gallery events scheduled through May 31, 2021 have been canceled or postponed due to the ongoing public health crisis. Thank you for understanding that the College’s goal is to prioritize the safety and well-being of our entire campus community, our patrons, and our guests.

North Central College Fine & Performing Arts is excited to share the 2020-2021 Virtual Performance Series! Beginning in January and running through May, the virtual event lineup includes a variety of artists with most performances being provided free of charge and offering flexible viewing options. Ticket reservations are available now and can be made by visiting the Fine & Performing Arts website at

Please contact the box office directly at with any questions.