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COVID-19 Testing Update

August 17, 2020

Dear North Central College Campus Community,

I am writing to share with you the results of the COVID-19 entry testing that was recently conducted on our campus. As you may recall from my message a couple weeks ago regarding the College’s COVID-19 testing plans, we identified two distinct groups to be tested for COVID-19 upon their arrival to campus: student-athletes, coaches and athletics staff who will be participating in organized sports activities this fall; and residential students arriving from states with high incidences of COVID-19.

In total, 444 individual tests were processed, resulting in three confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. Per the College’s positive test protocol, those individuals have since entered into isolation and all known contacts among our campus community have been notified and have either entered into quarantine or are self-monitoring for symptoms, based on their level of contact. We have also, per our protocol, notified the DuPage County Health Department of these positive cases.

For the individuals who tested positive, we wish for them a speedy recovery and look forward to them rejoining us on campus as soon as they are fully healthy. While it’s difficult to have members of our campus community who are ill with this disease, the fact is that we expected this, we have planned for it, and we have protocols in place to care for these individuals and to mitigate further spread. These are not the first members of our campus community to test positive for COVID-19 and, despite all of the individual and collective efforts, they won’t be the last. The most important thing we can do as a community is remain diligent in adhering to the health and safety protocols that we have in place and the #TogetherNC pledge to protect ourselves and protect those around us. By taking simple and effective measures such as wearing a face covering, maintaining a safe distance from others, frequent hand-washing and staying home when sick, we can keep our community safe and healthy.

Now that we have completed our entry testing process, we will enter into the next phase of our testing protocol, which is to test a percentage of the general campus population—including students, faculty and staff—on a regular basis throughout the fall semester. This surveillance testing will enable the College to track the effectiveness of other measures to control the spread of the virus on campus and help minimize the risk of spread among our campus community. More details regarding surveillance testing will be made available soon.

Starting with the positive cases that were confirmed through our entry testing, the College will provide timely updates of all known cases of COVID-19 that are confirmed through our ongoing surveillance testing, as well as self-reported cases that come from outside the College’s own testing process, on the following webpage:

Please understand that due to privacy concerns there is limited information that we can share publicly regarding confirmed cases. Apart from the webpage, campus contact tracers and case managers will notify members of the campus community who have had contact with known cases of COVID-19. In addition, while the webpage reflects the number of confirmed positive cases, the College will enact its positive test protocol for presumed positive cases, in which an individual presents as symptomatic for COVID-19 but has yet to receive a positive test result.

For more details about the College’s COVID-19 positive case protocol, go to You can also go to the FAQ section of our website for more details on testing and other COVID-19-related information.


Troy D. Hammond

Professor of Physics
North Central College

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