Residence Life

The College continues to partner with students to make their experience in the residence halls safe and engaging. The following residential safety protocols remain in place for spring 2021 semester and have been developed in accordance with the latest guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the DuPage County Health Department, and the American College Health Association.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of common areas and community bathrooms in compliance with national standards; the College also provides cleaning supplies in each community bathroom for students’ personal use
  • Residents are expected to maintain physical distancing and wear appropriate face coverings in all community areas of the residence halls
  • Wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in common and high traffic areas of the residence halls
  • COVID-19-related educational materials and signage have been posted within the residence halls indicating elevator capacity, stairwell usage, identification of symptoms, physical distancing guidance, and cleaning/disinfecting expectations
  • A new guest policy allows each resident to host one North Central student guest within their residence hall room; no overnight guests are permitted and non-North Central community members are only allowed with prior approval from the Office of Residence Life
  • For students who are unable to return home, in the event that they are required to isolate or quarantine due to a positive or probable case, or exposure to COVID-19, separate residence hall rooms have been set aside for this purpose
2 person residence room

Residence Hall Guidelines

Download the College’s Residence Hall Guidelines Packet. This packet includes information on:
  • Residence Hall Move-In and Move-Out Procedures and Guidelines
  • Residence Hall Facility Changes
  • Residence Hall Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol
  • Policy and Procedure Changes
Download The Guide

Residence Life Visitor Policy

Residence Life has established policies for visitors in the residence halls. The Area Hall Director (AHD) on Duty will be the primary responder for any visitor concerns.

  • Guest Policy
    • Guests not affiliated with North Central College are not permitted within residence halls without prior approval.
    • Residents are required to receive approval to host a non-affiliated guest from their Area Hall Director. Non-affiliated guests also require written approval from all roommates or suitemates. Only approved non-affiliated guests may visit residence halls, including individual rooms and public areas within the residence hall.
    • Residents may host North Central College community members (faculty, staff, and students) as guests in lounges or public spaces within residence halls, while maintaining physical distancing.
    • All over-night guests between the hours of 12:00 am and 8:00 am, are prohibited.
    • Residents are limited in the number of guests allowed in their room or suite.
    • Residents are permitted to host 1 guest in their room or suite. The total number of guests may not exceed the number of residents assigned to the room or suite. Suites with 5 or more residents may not have more than 10 people in the suite at one time
    • Guests violating the guest policy will be immediately asked to leave campus property and escorted out of the building.
    • If a student violates the guest policy they may be held accountable through the student conduct and compliance process.

Key Dates for Resident Students

Spring 2021 Semester

  • January 23-24: Residence hall move-in
  • January 25: Spring semester classes begin
  • March 12: Spring break; no classes, College open
  • May 6 by 5 p.m.: Non-graduate residence hall move-out
  • May 9 by 8 p.m.: Graduate residence hall move-out

Contact Information

Students with questions about campus housing should contact Residence Life at 630-637-5858 or