Return to Campus-Based Work

While many employees have continued to perform essential on-campus functions throughout the pandemic and others have gradually transitioned back to campus-based work over the course of the past year, we are excited to welcome all employees back to campus this summer. Employees will begin transitioning to campus-based work the week of July 12.

Optimal timing for returning to campus work spaces will differ across areas of the College. Vice presidents will work with their areas of responsibility to determine return to work needs, while prioritizing departments that directly support on-campus operations.

The College recognizes that employees will have questions regarding this process. Employees should refer questions to their supervisors. Managers and academic chairs are asked to compile questions from their staff and share them with the Human Resources office. The HR department will help provide answers that are clear and consistent across the College.

Requests for accommodations will be reviewed based on need, and should not be used to seek remote work arrangements based on personal preference.


Contact Information

Employees with questions about the College’s return-to-work plan should contact their supervisor, department vice president or the Office of Human Resources at 630-637-5757 or