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North Central College COVID-19 FAQ’s2020-08-27T20:36:34-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

What are the College’s quarantine and isolation protocols?2022-08-18T10:39:45-06:00

Members of the campus community should follow applicable quarantine and isolation guidance as outlined by the CDC.

What should I do if I am feeling ill and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?2022-08-18T07:15:14-06:00

Students, faculty and staff are expected to stay home when not feeling well, to contact their primary care provider, and to follow quarantine and isolation guidance as outlined by the CDC.

Members of the campus community are responsible for being proactive in their communication with others (i.e. students communicating with faculty; faculty communicating with students/department chairs; staff communicating with managers) if they cannot attend class or be on campus in-person for any length of time.

Does the College provide access to COVID-19 testing?2022-08-18T07:15:56-06:00

The College no longer requires weekly COVID-19 testing and is therefore no longer operating a COVID-19 testing center. The College’s Dyson Wellness Center will continue to provide diagnostic COVID-19 testing for symptomatic individuals when medically appropriate.

Are students, faculty and staff required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?2022-08-18T10:42:20-06:00

All campus community members are expected to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including the requisite number of booster shots for those who are eligible.

Per the recently updated executive order by the governor of Illinois, the College no longer requires campus community members to submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status, and weekly COVID-19 testing is not required for those who are not fully vaccinated.

Are masks required to be worn on campus?2022-08-18T10:47:41-06:00

While not required, North Central College continues to be a mask-friendly environment. Students, faculty and staff are welcome to wear a mask in any setting if they choose, and the wearing of a mask should not be considered an indication of an individual’s vaccination or health status.

Can I go to class/attend an event if I am experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms?2022-08-18T10:50:27-06:00

Students, faculty and staff are expected to stay home when not feeling well and to follow quarantine and isolation guidance as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


What instruction options are available to students who are in COVID-19-related isolation or quarantine, or who are otherwise experiencing symptoms of illness?2022-08-18T07:18:07-06:00

Each instructor is expected to work with students who need to miss class temporarily due to symptoms or illness. Instructors will work with students according to the instructor’s syllabus attendance policy and using methods appropriate for the delivery of the instructor’s specific course content. Instructors are not required to provide a live stream or recording of their courses.